Reader Review From:Rania Bieberposted on 16 August at 1:01 PM
16 August at 1:01 PM

Please let me win the meet & greet pass to see Justin Bieber

I've spent 5 years trying to meet my idol, Justin Bieber. He inspires me so much. I really really hope I win this because I can't afford to buy one myself, if they are even selling them. They're just too expensive. Meeting Justin has been a dream of mine ever since I discovered him on YouTube. His voice took me to another world.

Giving Back

Justin loves giving back. He even opened a charity called Pencils of Promises which helps put children who can't afford school fees, go to school. From every ticket of his concert sold, Justin donates $1 to Pencils of Promises. Considering how many tickets Justin sells, those $1s can change a child's life. He also grants wishes from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Where people with cancer or diseases make wishes hoping for them to be granted. He has already granted 200 wishes. He enjoys granting these wishes, probably because it's nice seeing a kid with cancer smile. Justin always donates. All the money he made from his first perfume Someday was donated.


Justin gets a lot of hate from haters. But he doesn't let them bring him down. He'll stay as positive as he can. But sometimes he may have breakdowns. This hate on him can sometimes get out of hand. For example, the boos he got when he won the Milestone Award at the Billboard Music Award 2013. That was unacceptable. He's just an artist trying to make music, why hate? Did you see the tears in his eyes when he took off his sunglasses? I'm not sure if those were tears of joy or tears caused by the hate, but it seems to be because of the boos. As he said, he should be taken seriously. Him smoking weed? Yes, he did. Yes, he has realised the mistake he made. But everyone makes mistakes. It's part of growing up. I don't hate Michael Jackson or Cory Monteith but they died because they overdosed. Which means they did drugs. And I don't see people hating on them because they did do drugs. 'He is a girl.' Why call him names? You don't even know that boy, or what he has to go through in life. Hating on Justin isn't cool anymore. It never was. He just hit puberty late.


His love for us is indescribable. Nobody can ruin our relationship. Nobody can have a better relationship than Jeliebers. Yes, we named our relationship Jeliebers. He'll always have a smile on his face for us even though there isn't much to smile about. We will always support him through thick and thin. I've been there for him since day 1 and I'll be there for him till forever. Nothing will make me stop loving him. Nothing. You can hate me or bully me for loving him, I don't care. I don't care if the whole world stops talking to me, calls me a loser, bullies me for loving my idol. I'll still love him.

Avalanna Routh

Avalanna Routh is a girl who had a rare brain cancer called ATRT. When she was born, the doctor told her parents that she only had 2 months to live. But she fought and fought. She ended up losing the battle when she was 6 years old. She loved Justin. She even had a small wedding at the hospital. When Justin heard about her, he decided to meet her. And he introduced her to us, as Mrs Bieber. When she passed away, everyone was sad. Beliebers, her family, Justin. He dedicated his next concert to her. And made her the One Less Lonely Girl. Justin loves Avalanna, and we all do. She is such a strong girl.

I wrote everything in here by myself and didn't get help from anybody or anything. Please let me win this contest as it would mean the whole world to me.

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