Reader Review From:Teo Dawnposted on 8 April at 12:54 PM
8 April at 12:54 PM

The Gathering with Darkside.

I got the chance to attend The Gathering with Darkside last Sunday night at Scape's Ground Theatre. I had a good time and it was a wonderful way to spend my night.

The entire gig started with opening act Das Moth - Japanese DJ and producer. He was entertaining the crowd as people kept filing in, getting drinks, searching for their friends in the dark space and getting comfortable. I think he did a good job at getting people to relax and let loose with his mixing. Some people started grooving and dancing which is nice. I did too.

There was a slight variety towards the end of the hour long act, which kind of kept the atmosphere going. But after a while, I did get a little bored from the waiting and so did the crowd. Restlessness. A lot of people were on their phones and walking off to use the washroom and things like that. Because of the darkness, people were spilling drinks here and there too. I laughed a little but oh well, these things happen.

But things got good once Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington came on stage. I could feel the energy of the entire crowd surge. The cheering and screaming started almost immediately. Soon, almost everyone was dancing and the atmosphere felt pretty great! I caught myself smiling and feeling really excited.

There was so much love for the music. Darkside was focused and I could feel the passion for their music. And through the music they played, the passion touched us and people translated it into laughs, smiles, dances, hugs and kisses. For me, it was really nice to see so many people of different lives come together to enjoy music together.

The moments were breathtaking.

I must say that the music sounded so brilliant live compared to the tracks on YouTube or my iPod touch. The impact was there and it just felt so good. The whole space felt so intimate and you could feel the music thumping. The sensation was close and pretty personal, even though everyone was really close together. And the lights were amazing! White to blue to orange, smoke and back lights... Incredible. It was definitely a dance show, in Jaar's words in a recent interview he did with JUICE magazine.

It was a pity that the whole gig was only slightly longer than an hour. It probably could have gone on all night with the crowd going wild. But well, that was a super good hour of sick beats and immersing myself in a different environment. I could do this more often. It was a nice change from daily routines and regular nights.

I am totally looking forward to more gatherings in the near future! I am so glad the music acts coming into Singapore are getting better and there are more variety now! Awesome!

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