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9 April at 8:18 PM

Help kickstart Chinese Artist Wang Shaoyi's first solo exhibition in London

Summary: After retiring from the Chinese military, Wang Shaoyi studied at Kankarenko International Arts in Russia where he found a new understanding of impressionism and expressionism. In 1994 Wang left his home for the Yimeng Mountains. He lived in the mountains for 17 years and in this time he created over 100 original pieces of art. Now 20 years after his life-changing decision to live in the mountains, it is time for the world to see his artwork. 

We would like to help him fufil his dream of staging a solo exhibition of his life's work, and we are crowdsourcing to help find the project. We only have a few days left to promote and fund the campaign. But we hope that once you hear about the artists' adventure, you too, will be moved like us, to help where you can.

This is our kickstarter campaign:

We offer rewards for all investments received. These rewards vary from a personalised video from the team @sugarfreeworks, gift packs including signed postcards, poster prints of Wang's artwork, VIP entry to the exhibition and even a chance to own an original piece of Wang Shaoyi's collection 'Shepherds of God'. (More details on the site.)

But first, here is a little more about the project.


Sugar Free Works is a London-based non-profit seeking consitution. We have an ongoing programme of exhibitions, art projects, screenings and events aimed at discovering and supporting creative and talented artists trying to break out. Even sales made from any exhibitions, are ploughed back into funding exhibition operations and the commissioning of new works. All exhibitions presented are free of charge and open to public.


Wang Shaoyi is one of China’s most talented and expressive painters of nature. After retiring from the Chinese Military in the 1980’s Wang rapidly emerged as one of China’s leading artists. The year of 1994 was the turning point of Wang Shaoyi both for his art and life. He went to Russia studying at Kankarenko International Arts where he found a new understanding of impressionism and expressionism which influenced his future works. In the same year, Shaoyi was inspired by the words from his mentor 'Start from painting the life' and decided to live and paint inside of Yimeng Moutains - one of the most wild and rural areas in China at that time. This was where his remarkable artistic project entitled as ‘Shepherds of God’ began. No one would expect that this spontaneous trip to Yimeng would only see him leave 17 years after.

‘It’s unexpected even for myself.’- Wang Shaoyi.

In 2011 Shaoyi left Yimeng mountains due to his bad health and brought with him his latest collection 'Shepherds of God' which includes over one hundred paintings, his legacy from his two decades living as in one of the most remote parts of China.

We are deeply touched by his distinct style of painting, his romantic approach to the Mother Nature, but most importantly his belief of art and persistence in searching for something permanent. And this project will let us bring 20 pieces of the most exclusive paintings from 'Shepherds of God' which were carefully selected by the artist specifically for his first international solo exhibition in London. Some of the works created by the artist decade ago were never seen by the public, which will be shown in this exhibition for the first time. 

Also led by the inspiring life story of Shaoyi, we came up with the idea of making a short documentary about the artist which will be shown as part of the exhibition together with his paintings. Thanks to our amazing production team and their works in Shandong China, Shaoyi shared his most unforgettable memories of Yimeng and unveiled very precious footage tracing back to years ago while he was still working and living in the mountains.

The introduction video of Shaoyi above is part of the documentary project we created. We will keep updating with more clips in Kickstarter as a way to thank all of you who believe in our project and feel inspired by Shaoyi just as we have been.

We hope you will be as inspired by us, to get this artists' show on the road. To lend us your support, please head to for more details, and a list of all our rewards and incentives for supporting this project.

If you would like to find out more about Wang Shaoyi and his works, please go to

Thank you for believe in Shaoyi's works and art.

Thanks again for your time and support.

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