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The Lion and the Rose - A Game of Thrones-themed dinner by Geekcrusade

Now that the fourth season of Game of Thrones is finally underway, there's only one thing for it: make merry at a Game of Thrones-themed dinner.

It's all part of Dinner Is Coming, a series of meals that brings fans together over food. And come May 5, Geek Crusade will hold Welcome To King's Landing - The Sequel: a four-course dinner with food inspired by A Song Of Ice And Fire, particularly the Purple Wedding.

Our very first GOT dinner took place at No Menu restaurant on April 1, with food prepared by Michelin-starred chef Osvaldo Forlino. Our 53 guests had a wonderful time, dining on dishes like braised boar belly and pear poached in wine: (for more photos and details)

Here are some photos from the evening:


All of the food was inspired by the books. The first course: summer green salad.

“This evening, they had supped on oxtail soup, summer greens tossed with pecans, grapes, red fennel and crumbled cheese…..Lord Janos allowed that he had never eaten half so well.” ~A Clash Of Kings.



This was followed by mushroom soup with snails.

“The first dish was a creamy soup of mushrooms and buttered snails, served in gilded bowls.” ~A Storm Of Swords

Mushroom soup with snails. --PHOTO: GEEKCRUSADE.COM/BRYAN HUANG


And then the main course – braised boar belly with apple sauce, or almond-crusted trout with parsley potatoes.

“You should have been at the feast, Tyrion. There has never been a boar so delicious. They cooked it with mushrooms and apples, and it tasted like triumph.” ~ A Clash Of Kings

Braised boar belly with apple sauce. --PHOTO: GEEKCRUSADE.COM/BRYAN HUANG 

“Hamish left them, his place taken by a smallish elderly bear who danced clumsily to pipe and drum, while the wedding guests ate trout with a crust of crushed almonds.” ~ A Clash Of Kings

And for dessert, pear poached in wine with a side of gelato.

“The war had not touched the fabled bounty of Highgarden. While singers sang and tumblers tumbled, they began with pears poached in wine.” ~ A Clash Of Kings


Due to popular demand, we are holding a second session at No Menu Restaurant on Monday, May 5, at 730pm.

Places are limited to 30 guests. Prices start from $85.50.

Our tickets sell out quick, so sign up here:

Valar Morghulis!

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