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Hans Zimmer is chosen as composer for Batman vs. Superman

Are you looking forward to the epic comic-to-film adaptation of "Batman vs. Superman" ? Slated for a 2016 release, the idea of the film has floated positively amongst cinema-lovers already for it's very dark storyline, and ofcourse being the much awaited sequel to the 2013 box office hit "Man of Steel".

The story is set in the dark days of Gotham City, where Bruce Wayne is suffering from a mental breakdown, following his five-year retirement of consistent crime-fighting and keeping the city safe. Bruce's emotions are toyed further with the death of his beloved fiancée Elizabeth Miller on their honeymoon; Miller is killed off by Batman's archnemesis the Joker.

On the other side of the planet, Clark Kent is also struggling with his feelings for Lois Lane, who he recently got divorced from.The film reveals that Clark and Wayne are the best of friends, and Clark even served as the best man at Wayne's wedding to Miller.

The storyline is pretty exciting and another reason to look forward to the film would be its music, which sees legendary composer Hans Zimmer being pencilled in to form a part of the music crew. Zack Snyder directs this film, and his vision for the movie is quite different from Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy where Zimmer was also the primary composer.

One of the issues that Zimmer plans on working on for this film in particular is how to stay true to the Batman character in the Dark Knight trilogy (played by Christian Bale), while at the same time creating music sheets that is inherently distinctive and in tune with the sort-of-new and even darker Batman featuring in the film.

Despite the challenges Zimmer faces music scores depicting Batman need to represent the character very well, with his multifaceted and very strong personality, brilliantly shining through the tunes. If his creative skill in composing one wondrous musical piece after another is anything to go by, then the original soundtrack of the film should be one hotly-anticipated album, alongside the brilliant comic adaptation as well.

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