From:The Straits Timesposted on 30 April at 4:12 PM
30 April at 4:12 PM

American Godzilla 'too fat', say Japanese fans

When Japanese audiences caught sight of the remake by Hollywood of one of their cultural icons, there was a large reaction. Unfortunately, it probably wasn't what the producers of the movie wanted to hear. Rocketnews24 reports.

Godzilla has been a huge part (hur hur) of Japanese culture since the giant creature's inception in 1954, going on to gain worldwide fame and a massive fan following. However, comments from Japanese netizens about the latest American version have been somewhat less than flattering.

Among the comments:

"He's so fat, I laughed!"

"It's just like Supersize Me."

"I'm not surprised. A spare tire is expected in middle age."

"Oi Godzilla, you've gone and eaten too many hamburgers hahaha"

"So it's true what they say, that when you go to America you get fat. This is a Calorie Monster."

Not all the comments by Japanese fans were against it though, with some saying it looked "cooler" or that it was "much better than that previous movie".

What do you think? Do spare a thought for its feelings though.

Additional comments from Itai News (in Japanese). 

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