From:The Straits Timesposted on 17 July at 5:57 PM
17 July at 5:57 PM

Sam Wilson aka The Falcon is the new Captain America

Change is brewing in the Marvel Universe, and hard on the heels of news that the thunder god Thor will become a female comes the announcement that Captain America Steve Rogers will be replaced by a black character for the first time. 

Marvel Chief Creative Officer Jose Quesada made the revelation on The Colbert Report on Wednesday, reported Buzzfeed

Rogers' close friend Sam Wilson, whose alter ego is the flying superhero The Falcon (he's also the first African-American superhero in the Marvel-verse), will take up the mantle in a new Marvel Comics title - All-New Captain America - later this year. 

The story goes that Rogers had his super serum sucked out of his body, thus losing his abilities and aging some 60 decades. 

Rogers willl remain as an advisor to Wilson, who will don a modified version of the iconic costume that includes wings to grant him the power of flight. 

Quesada, meanwhile, took pains to point out that the changes will only affect the comics, and Chris Evans will continue to play the role in the Marvel Studios films.

Actor Anthony Mackie played Sam Wilson in April's Captain American: The Winter Soldier. 

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