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2 February at 12:53 PM

Will Big 'S' Barbie Hsu make an appearance at F4's reunion?

The answer to that, a resounding no.

Many fans have been keen on seeing Barbie reunited with her co-stars from Meteor Garden, the Taiwanese TV drama series that shot the four boys Ken Chu, Vic Chou, Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu to fame.

But according to Chinese media like wenxuecity and ifensi, an appearance definitely is a no go.

While some might question if it is because things might get awkward between Barbie and her ex, "Zai Zai" Vic Chou with whom she split up with in 2008 after a three-year relationship, her agent has put an end to those rumours.

Barbie's agent, Xiao Xuan, said: "She will not be taking on any other jobs. Her schedule has already been made public, and if a job has not been publicised, it does not exist...we are not accepting any other projects."

The rumour mill also has been abuzz with murmurs that one of the biggest reasons why Barbie cannot take on more projects, is because she is pregnant, and her pregnancy is a difficult one. The former vegetarian beauty who has mentioned on several occasions that she wants a baby, has broken her diet to consume meat, hoping to put on weight to aid conception. She has allegedly consulted fertlity doctors as well.

To questions on pregnancy rumours, her loyal manager replied: "This is a matter that she will tell you herself, and if it were true, the news will be released right away. But as it is a personal matter, I cannot answer on her behalf."

So is Barbie pregnant? She was spotted looking slightly bigger than her usual svelte self in a photo with her younger sister, but, back Dec 27 2012, she reportedly denied having a bun in the oven.

大‘S' or Big 'S' as she is affectionately known to fans, is six years older than her former beau, and some say that she might have been pressurising him toward marriage, which led to the break-up.

She married millionaire businessman Wang Xiaofei - chief executive of South Beauty Restaurants - in 2010. Now 36, the actress is five years older than her husband.

F4 fans need not worry however, as this has no bearing on the much hyped about F4 reunion show for the Spring Gala Festival on Jiangsu TV.

In fact, the four pretty boys have already taped their segment for the big reunion.

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