From:Lai Han-Wei, Digital Sub-editor, ST Online, posted on 14 April at 9:37 AM
14 April at 9:37 AM

YouTube musician covers 30 songs in just 1 minute

We all have pretty busy schedules, don't we? Sometimes we don't even have time to listen to music. 

Well this might just be the solution - if we can have abridged versions of books, why not songs?

Guitarist Rob Scallon is a pretty talented musician - but this compilation of songs, ranging from the Mario theme song to rock classics like Misirlou, takes the cake.

Scallon runs through some 30 songs (or more, if you count "every Slayer song ever" as more than one) in just one minute. 

To be honest, he fudges a couple of them (I don't think two to three chords should count) but it's still an impressive feat nonetheless. 

Check it out above. 

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