ST Review From:Boon Chan,  Media Correspondent, Life! ST, posted on 28 April at 12:35 PM
28 April at 12:35 PM

Revelatory rock from Luantan-Ascent's Breakthrough album


B’in Music International

With his long locks, moustache and brooding mien, Taiwan’s Luantan-Ascent looks like a collection of rocker cliches. His music is anything but.
Two years ago, he won Best Male Vocalist at the prestigious Golden Melody Award for Let You Replace Me (2012), a collection of songs and instrumental pieces he wrote for movies and TV over 10 years. Breakthrough is a more than worthy follow-up.
Inspired by the natural world, the record dives into the sea, emerges on land and takes flight on songs such as Out From Water, Streams In The Desert and Iceberg.
He ponders the relationship among them on Out From Water: “The sky is blue, the sea is bluer/The sea is broad, the land is broader/The land is wide, the sky is boundless”.
At other times, he takes on animal forms. He sings on the dance-rock of Lightning Jellyfish: “I live in the depths of the sea where there is no light/ Swimming pretty freely/Can’t tell whether to love or not”.
The final track here is The Pure World. After traversing the breadth and depth of nature, the album ends on a note of tentative hopefulness: “Am I really existing?/ Or just living along with others/Enough of that”.

This is revelatory rock, propelled by everything from buzzing guitars to his magnetic voice.

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