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6 May at 5:22 PM

Concert review: Show Lo's almost glitch-free gig


If Taiwanese pop singer Show Lo wanted to redeem himself after his disaster of a concert last year, he sure did on Saturday night at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Last year, the sound system went kaput twice, disrupting the performance and forcing him to stop midway.

This time, his encore show went on fairly smoothly in front of the 7,500-strong audience, which included his mother.

Still, there were two occasions when his microphone stopped working mid-song. Both times, a crew member came onstage to give him a working mic, and thankfully, he didn't stop singing.

With technical worries out of the way, the actor-dancer-host, dubbed Asia's Dance King, could finally rock those dance steps.

He made an impressive opening with Lion Roar, off his latest album, decked in a gleaming gold military-style uniform and sunglasses.

On a raised pedestal, under a gateway shaped like a lion's mouth, he sung with a fierceness, as if out to prove how good a show he could put on.

And for the most part, it worked.

Admittedly, Lo is really not the strongest singer out there. He forgets lyrics. His high notes are almost always pitchy and he often goes off key.

Truth be told, when he invited the audience to sing verses during Love Around The Corner and I Don't Know How To Sing (there's some truthful irony here), the audience actually sounded better than he did.

But nobody really goes to a Show Lo concert expecting top-notch vocals. He compensates with his dancing, costumes, and showmanship.

During the two-hour-long concert, he dazzled with his nifty footwork and energetic dance sequences. At one point, he even danced with a laser projection in the shape of a man.

He was supported by 16 backup dancers, effects such as bubbles, confetti and fireworks fountains.

When he sang the cute Minnan track Cherish With My Life, the background showed a spiralling pattern of hearts.

But when he broke out into Over The Limit, the stage transformed into an apocalyptic war scene - complete with army tanks, fires, explosions and debris.

He also had four major costume changes; a gold-and-black singlet, a black glittery outfit, a jacket pimped out in badges, and even a fish-net top.

The controversial blond hairdo, said to have been copied from the Korean star G-Dragon, made way for a darker honey blonde colour.

But it seems K-pop continues to influence his performance.

In one segment, he wore a white top, pants and a pink heart-motif blazer, just like members of the Korean group Shinee while they were promoting the cosmetics brand Etude House.

That, or he's drawing inspiration from the fashion doll Barbie.

Nonetheless, it was great to see his performance without the technical disruptions that plagued his last show here.

Here was a chance, finally, to show what Show was capable of.

This article was first published on May 4, 2014.

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