From:The Straits Timesposted on 1 September at 6:25 PM
1 September at 6:25 PM

Batman? No, meet Chibatman, Chiba's resident superhero

It seems like Gotham City is missing its resident superhero. The Dark Knight has been spotted in the eastern Japanese prefecture of Chiba and locals have adopted him as their very own "Chibatman". 

This incarnation of the caped crusader is a mysterious 41-year-old who dresses up in a similar Bat suit that Christian Bale donned in the latest Batman blockbuster, The Dark Knight rises. 

Chibatman even zooms down highways on a three-wheeled motorcycle, inspired by the "Batpod" vehicle from the Christopher Nolan Batman films. 

But Chibatman is not so much about staying in the shadows and hunting criminals, as he is about delighting his city dwellers out in the open. Videos of him on his trusty motorcycle have been setting the Internet abuzz. 

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