From:Sara Ann K, Digital Sub-Editor, ST Onlineposted on 20 December at 11:13 PM
20 December at 11:13 PM

Netizens on Twitterverse up in arms about Miss USA's win

Miss USA Olivia Culpo has barely been able to enjoy her crown, and already the storm of controversy has been brewing in the Twitter tea cup.

The 20-year-old Boston University sophmore and self-described "cellist-nerd" walked away with the title of Miss Universe 2012, will receive an undislcosed salary, a wardrobe fit for a queen and a limitless supply of beauty products and of course, a luxury apartment in New York City.

But many were upset about her win and thought the crown should have gone to Miss Philippines.

Culpo's win ends the drought of Miss USAs clinching the title since Brooke Lee's win in 1997, and many questioned her crowning as being a political move to bring cheer to America in the wake of the tragic shooting in Connecticut.

A judge on America's Next Top Model, the famous blogger Bryanboy  was obviously upset over Miss USA's win. A Filipino himself, he had been gunning for Miss Philippines, Janine Tugonon, to win.

With a better answer to her final question, it seems that even many Americans are echoing that sentiment.

And barely hours after the tiara was set atop a hairsprayed head,  has been trending all over social media.

Even local stars like Hossan Leong were perturbed by the win.

Many who thought that Culpo was crowned because she was a Latina, were wrong however, as the Rhode Island native who won her local title (Miss Rhode Island) while wearing a dress rented for a mere USD$20 ($24), can put that conspiracy theory to rest.

Culpo, who is the middle child of five, is the daughter to two professional musicans, Peter and Susan Culpo, who are of Italian, and Irish-Italian heritage respectively.

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