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27 February at 8:21 AM

Actor Sani Hussin considered arts uncool till his sister dragged him into acting

HIS move into acting was a matter of chance.

Back in his teenage years, actor Sani Hussin was very much into sports.

At the same time, his sister, Rosita Hussin, was involved in theatre acting.

Then, in a twist of events, he found himself acting on the same stage with Rosita.

“I thought arts was very kental (Malay slang for uncool),” said Sani, 39, as both he and Rosita broke into laughter.

“(But) I was forced to act by her.”

The siblings hope to repeat the feat they managed at the last awards show in 2011 by bagging the Best Supporting Actor and Actress awards at Pesta Perdana on Friday.

They are both nominated for their roles in the second season of Malay drama Pinggiran Ramadan, the same drama that earned them their Pesta Perdana trophies last time.

Sani said he got into acting when some cast members pulled out from a play in which his sister was acting and she suggested his name as areplacement.

This was two weeks before the Festival Teater Remaja competition back in 1992.

Sani revealed: “I was actually a shield. When I was around, our mother would not scold her for going home late from rehearsals.

“After her coaxing, I gave it a try. I wanted to run away after the first rehearsal.”

But it was there that they both noticed his hidden talent.

“I didn’t know he could really act because I was only making use of him,” Rosita, 38, joked.

Sani then went on to score his breakthrough role in army life drama Soldadu, earning him his first Pesta Perdana honour in the Best New Actor category in 1998.

He has since landed roles in various Malay and English theatre and television productions, as well as directed plays of his own.

It’s a surprising career for someone who, according to him, was shy and had extremely low self-esteem growing up.


Acting helped him gain confidence in himself.

As for Rosita, she went on to become a flight attendant in 1995 and remained one for 10 years, with some breaks, when she also did some acting on television.

This year, Rosita is also nominated for the Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Drama Special for her role in Yakin.

Said Rosita, a mother of three: “I was quite happy because I did not act in many dramas in the past two years. I can actually count them with my hands.”

Sani is more excited to be presenting an award, together with his sister.

“The last time (I presented an award) was many years ago, so I’m looking forward to that,” he said.

This article was first published in The New Paper on Feb 25, 2013.

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