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6 June at 7:02 PM

VIDS: Chinese model Luo Zilin dives in for mentor Naomi Campbell's ex-boyfriend

Naomi Campbell, watch out. There is a new kid in town and she has already unleashed her claws.

Everyone knows that the fastest way to the top is to be the biggest bully out there. And despite her fierce reputation - hissing at paparazzi, hurling phones, breaking cameras and other minor misdemeanours - Campbell has been dethroned.

Little did Campbell expect that 25-year-old aspiring Chinese model Luo Zilin, whom she plucked from obscurity and placed on The Face - a show she created - would swoop in on her ex-boyfriend so quickly after they split. 

The boyfriend in dispute - 50-year-old Russian oligarch Vladimir Doronin - has also had rough run-ins with paparazzi himself and had been dating the ebony British beauty for five years. The couple split up last month in early May.

Naomi Campbell and Vladimir Doronin get cosy during their happier times. PHOTO: FLYNET

The last time the 42-year-old supermodel and hotel-property mogul were pictured together was on Miami Beach in March. The very same place where he famously beat up a photographer snapping pictures of them back in 2008.

Luo, a former Miss Universe China 2011 - who placed fifth in the international pageant that year - was on Team Naomi on Oxygen media's reality show to discover and launch fresh model talent, and was the last of Campbell's proteges to make it to the finale, where she ended the runner-up. 

Luo Zilin was Miss Universe China 2011, and went on to be placed fifth in the international competition. PHOTO: news.xinhuanet.


The leggy beauty also famously refused to discuss her then-rumoured beau on the programme as "he is famous in China".


The oriental beauty met Doronin through his then-girlfriend Campbell, was also pictured being hugged, and encouraged by her mentor in several episodes. The former pageant queen even tweeted pictures, and platitudes of gratitude to her benefactor on her social media accounts.

But, lo and behold, pictures of Luo frolicking with Doronin - Campbell's former beau- have surfaced barely a week after filming for the series concluded. 

Photos of the new couple looking lovey dovey on vacation and getting intimate in Ibiza, surfaced at the start of June.

Luo and Vladimir seen cozying up in Ibiza. PHOTO: Splash News

Perhaps the couple might have remained under wraps, if not for the fact that they are rumoured to be on holiday with equally controversial new couple - Leonardo DiCaprio and Victoria Secret's model Toni Garrn - who are having their every move hounded by paparazzi.

While the 50-year-old billionaire businessman Doronin was already seen canoodling up to 23-year-old Naomi-lookalike model Jazzma Kendrick in mid-May on his yacht following the breakup, Kendrick furiously denied any form of relationship in her tweets. Photos published from that rendezvous seem to back that up - the two relaxed in each other's company, with Doronin distinctly disinterested.

While it was rumoured that they were dating, both Vladimir Doronin and Jazzma Kendrick seemed more interested in their own phones. These images surfaced mid-May. PHOTO: Splash News

These photos that have emerged of Luo and the tycoon in a villa in Spain are infinitely more incriminating, some even featuring the couple straddling each other while lounging in the sun.

Ironically, the slender Chinese model tweeted her model mentor Campbell birthday wishes just over a week ago on May 22. 

Everyone has been waiting with bated breath on how the tempestuous supermodel - famous for her tyrannical tantrums - would react. But so far, only a cryptic tweet on June 2 - a jab at her former protege - was posted right after the reports and photos emerged.

Darn. I was hoping for hellfire and brimstone.

Even former Team Naomi teammate model Jocelyn Chew tweeted her rage, saying: 

This scandal will not affect Doronin's standing at all - he is a billionaire whose wife Ekaterina has no plans on divorcing him, and has even famously turned up with their teenaged daughter Katia to lend support at Campbell's Fashion For Relief Haiti show in London in February 2010. In fact it was his pairing with Campbell that cemented his standing in New York society.

One big happy family- estranged wife Ekaterina Doronin, Vladimir Doronin, their daughter Katia Doronin as the family lends support to Vladimir's girlfriend, Noami Campbell's Fashion Relief for Haiti efforts in 2011. PHOTO: Daily Mail

However, Luo's star might take a blow. She has already since been fired by her modelling agency.

In a statement to the Daily Mail on Monday, June 3, MIX Model Management NYC's President Neal Hamil said in a statement: "Zi Lin's contract with MIX Model Management NYC was terminated last week due to ongoing unprofessional conduct and unacceptable work ethic."

But, who cares about one agency when the whole world now knows your name? 

Who really needs a job when you have a billionaire boyfriend?

Who will have the last laugh? It is always scary to be up against an opponent who has nothing to lose. (Think Isabella Leong who was then rumoured to have broken Richard Li and his long-time beautiful Eurasian lawyer girlfriend Rachel Lloyd up.)

All's fair in love and war. And this is going to be a battle. For now, round one definitely was owned by Luo. 




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