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19 June at 10:54 AM

New name, better luck?


A NAME change was just what doe-eyed Taiwanese actress Chloe Wang Le Yan needed to boost her love life and career.

Previously known as Cynthia Wang Xin Ru, the 26-year-old changed her name last month to attract more luck in her life.

In town for a photo shoot for the Denizen Fall/Winter 2013 campaign with K-pop idol Alexander Eusebio, Wang, who is also the brand’s ambassador, said her new moniker has already brought her more commercial gigs in less than a month.

The pretty singer-actress, who had gone to a geomancer to consult on her new name, told The New Paper: “Le means happy and bubbly in Chinese, which reflects my happy-go-lucky personality. Yan means pretty. This new name really suits me a lot.”

Wang, who said she has been single for a “very, very long time”, also hopes to find a stable boyfriend after her name change.

She said: “Career is still the main priority in my life. But of course, having a romantic relationship will be nice.”

It seems as if her new name has brought her some love luck.

She is still filming Taiwanese idol drama I Love That You Love Me Loving Him and is reportedly dating her co-star, Taiwanese model-actor Max Liu, 26, who is said to resemble Korean superstar Rain.

The duo were photographed by Taiwanese media in the past month carrying similar backpacks and using scarves with the same design.

When asked about Liu, Wang said they had hit it off from the moment they met each other and seldom run out of topics to talk about.

She said: “It’s so coincidental because he is only a month younger than me, and in our drama, he acts as someone who is two hours younger than me.

“So our real life was already quite similar to the plot in our idol drama, starting from our age.”

‘Couple’ bags

She added: “Liu gave me the backpack because he endorses the brand of the bag. Since then, we have been carrying couple bags. He also saw me wearing the scarf and told me he has the same one. The next day, he gave me his scarf.”

Wang, who said she will not eliminate the idea of dating him, insisted they are only good friends now.

“Sometimes, when we are taking a break during filming, I will open the wrong bag and realise that it’s his bag. It’s something we laugh about because it happens all the time,” she said.

For Wang, good looks are not a priority when it comes to choosing a boyfriend.

“Being able to click with the guy is the most important. It is hard for me to like a guy, so I will usually observe before I decide if I can enter into a relationship with him. Of course, it will be a bonus if he is handsome.”

Wang, who began modelling for magazines and advertisements when she was 13, has been prominent in Singapore and Malaysia over the past few years, acting in Channel 8 dramas Joys Of Life (2012) and Devotion (2011), as well as the movie The Wedding Diary 2 earlier this year.

Fans will be happy to know that they will be seeing more of her in the coming year.

Wang said she plans to act in at least one local drama a year and is sifting through scripts before deciding on what to choose next.

Although she is focusing on her career for now, Wang said she will still keep an eye out for her dream guy.

She said: “My ‘Wi-Fi antenna’ has always been switched on, it’s just that I haven’t received any response yet.” 

This article was first published in The New Paper on June 17, 2013

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