From:The Straits Timesposted on 17 October at 5:46 PM
17 October at 5:46 PM

South Korea's SBS to launch celebrity fashion reality programme Fashion King Korea

(THE KOREA HERALD/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - For the first time on South Korean TV, SBS is taking a new take on reality TV by combining some of the nation’s top designers with a celebrity counterpart to create the latest in fashion design in a battle-to-the-top survival competition. 

The soon-to-be-aired new reality TV show, titled Fashion King Korea, includes a team of eight celebrities, each paired with an acclaimed fashion designer. The all-star cast of celebrities competing against one another are: Girls Generation’s Tiffany, Sistar’s Bora, TV personality Kim Na Young, musician Yoon Gun, TV personality Boom, artist Lee Ji Hoon, Chu Mi Rim and artist Im Dong Wook.

The participating celebrities have been partnered up with a fashion designer with the pair remaining a team throughout the programme. The cast of fashion designers includes Park Yoon Jung, Lee Joo Young, Jung Doo Young, Ji Il Keun, Lee Ji Eun, Jang Hyung Chul, Nam Yoon Jae and Kim Hong Bum.

Under the theme of “fashion is reality,” the show is a fashion collaboration survival show in which the celebrity-plus-designer teams compete against one another in various fashion challenges and missions. The lowest-scoring team is eliminated each week from the competition. Some of the show’s competing pairs include Team Tiffany and Ji Il Keun; Team Bora and Lee Joo Young; Team Boom and Park Yoon Jung; and Team Jung Doo Young and Kim Na Young.

“It’s not about winning, it’s about the fashion,” said designer Ji during a press conference held in Seoul on Wednesday. “We wanted to keep our styles simple, something that people can watch on TV and see themselves wearing.” 

“I am just very thankful to have a chance to work closely with designer Ji Il Keun as well as having the opportunity to compete for the title of a fashion king,” said Tiffany. 

The producers said that their goal for the show was to not only provide audience members with the entertainment factor of putting the celebrities’ fashion IQs to the test in competition, but to also pave the way and reveal new and inspiring designs with the unique collaboration products. 

“As I learned about fashion during the show, I really came to understand the phrase that ‘fashion is war,’” said Boom. “I think the audience is really going to enjoy not only the fashion but the show’s competitive nature.” 

“My only hope is that through this program people will become more interested in Korean fashion,” said designer Lee Joo Young.

Should the show reach a 10 per cent viewer rating, the team of celebrities promised to hold a special runway fashion event on the streets of Myeong-dong.

Fashion King Korea will premiere on Nov 17 on SBS in South Korea.

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