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15 April at 3:29 PM

Game on: 5 celebrity versions of 2048 that you should try now

If you haven't heard about the game 2048, you've got a lot of catching up to do. 

After all, the game already has different versions to meet your intellectual and visual requirements. 

Here are five of the best celebrity versions so far:

1. Robert Downey Jr version

RDJ himself has seen this game. And it doesn't seem like he's complaining. 


The first two tiles usually shows RDJ's photo when he was just a kid. Based on a similar picture on The Toronto Sun, it looks like it was taken from the 1970 movie, Pound, where RDJ played the role of Little Bobby, a sick puppy. How cute is that?

Other characters seen in the 2048 - RDJ version include Charlie Chaplin and Peter Wright from Only You. You'll have to forgive me for not recognising the other characters, and for not winning the game so I don't really know what the ultimate 2048 - RDJ tile is, because I didn't get that far.

2048 - Robert Downey Jr

Play here.

2. Tom Hiddleston version

This is called the "saucy version" for a reason. The game starts off with an innocent-looking Hiddleston in black-and-white GIFs that when merged turn into coloured GIF of a smiling boy-next-door dude. By the time you reach the third layer, where you'll see Hiddleston with a longing look on his face, you're totally hooked. Discover how "saucy" it can get as you keep playing. 

2048 Tom Hiddleston

Play here.

3. Taylor Swift version

It would seem like the person who did this version isn't that big a fan of Taylor Swift. We all know Swift is a pretty gal, but most of the images chosen here are unflattering. 

2048 Taylor Swift

Don't fret, TS fans! Here's a cuter version, with GIFs:

2048 Taylor Swift

Play here.

4. Lady Gaga version

To be honest, I expected better pictures. And then when I checked the link, I saw that this is already the 52nd version of 2048 for Lady Gaga. 

2048 Lady Gaga

It turns out version No. 53 looks much better. Don't you think so?

2048 Lady Gaga

Play here.

5. Katy Perry version

This has got to be one of the cutest collection of photos for a 2048 game. See Katy Perry with straight hair, curly hair, coloured hair. See her all polished and goofing around. See her all covered up and... well, partially clothed. Don't worry, it does not need an NSFW warning. 

2048 Katy Perry

Play here.


Loved all that? Here's one more: See Brad Pitt, Jared Leto, Bradley Cooper, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and more while you play this version. I'm only saying "and more" because I really suck at this game. Let me know who the hottie is when you win this one, please?

2048 Male Celebrities

Play here.

Good luck!



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