From:Nurulnadiah Md Noh Digital Sub-Editor, ST Online, posted on 24 June at 7:49 PM
24 June at 7:49 PM

World Cup 2014: Korean newscaster Jang Ye Won charms fans worldwide

South Korean newscaster Jang Ye Won who was sent to Brazil to cover the Spain v Chile match, is now in the news herself. 

A gif of Jang wearing a Spain jersey and smiling at the camera during the match has been circulating the Internet, capturing the hearts of many. The gif is taken from the news clip about Jang's trip. 

Jang is not the first spectator to generate such buzz. In 2010, Paraguayan model-actress Larissa Riquelme got everyone's attention when she was seen with her mobile phone in her cleavage as she cheered on her native country.

Riquelme had even vowed to run naked through the street "with her body painted with the colours of her country‚Äôs flag" if Paraguay won  the World Cup 2010. Unfortunately, Spain took the trophy home, much to male fans' disappointment.

Psst. Just in case you've not had enough of Jang, here's a behind-the scenes video of her and her sports team.

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