From:Anna Barbara L. Caluag, Digital Sub-Editor, ST Online, posted on 26 June at 6:21 PM
26 June at 6:21 PM

2014 World Cup Funnies: Biteman video game puts you in Suarez's shoes (or mouth)

If you were Luis Suarez, how many times would you "bite" Giorgio Chiellini? Now, you can find out.

As if we're not wasting enough time looking at memes of Suarez's latest snack of choice, someone developed a Pac-man-inspired video game to let netizens enjoy the moment over and over again.

Ladies and gentlemen, check out Biteman:


If you know how Pac-man works, you know how to play this one. Basically, you "bite" as many Chiellini heads as you can before the red-card bearing referees catch you.


If you "bite" sunglasses, the referees will go blind and lose their red cards. Extra points for biting the refs!


I got a high score of 8,560 points and reached level two. Dismal performance, I know.


Think you can beat my score? I'm sure you can! Play the game here and share your high score by using the comment box below.


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