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28 June at 3:44 PM

Win a Domino's football finals pizza party

What better way to watch football than with a couple of friends while eating pizza!

Well, now you can do that because together with Domino's, ST Communities is giving away prizes to our top squad of reader contributors. 

We have 8 Regular Pizzas to give away, each with 1 limited edition Popobe Bear.

And on top of that, for our superstar contributions, we have 3 sets of Bola Meal #2's worth $82.40 each. Each Bola Meal #2 comes with 2 Xtra Large pizzas + 1 set Napolitana Baked Meatballs per set and 1 limited edition Popobe Bear - perfect for a party!

How do you win these prizes?

SUBMIT A CONTRIBUTION to related to the football madness.

For example, you can:

Share a funny meme you've seen, like DiamondWalkerSG did in A funny Suarez meme!

Take a page from Teo Wah Wah, who is not a football fan. He shares pictures of his baby girl who loves football in My Little Girl during the World Cup

You can also create and send in your own Persie-ing pics like some of these people in New "Persieing" craze sweeps social media after Robin van Persie's 'Flying Dutchman' goal

Or if you've spotted some crazy World Cup souvenirs online like these $5000 hand patina shoes tattooed with the Brazil flag to commemorate the World Cup or even  the 2014 World Cup Funnies: Fancy a Luis Suarez bottle opener? It's yours online for $5 - send them to us as well!

You can even create arm-folding vines/instavideos like some of these footballers 

Or share cool facts with us like Bet you didn't know Algeria and Germany had a 32-year-long feud

And if you're not a football fan, and are a "soccer widow" - maybe you can share a list of things you like to do to keep yourself busy during this time. 

Or if you're really creative, you might want to do a video like this with your friends:


And contributing a post is really easy. Just click on the "Contribute A Post To Be Published" bar above this story, sign in with your social media account and fill out the form as creatively as you can. (Still not sure? Here's how: FAQ: How to submit a post)


In this post, you can write about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING related to football, like in our examples above.

Just remember, only the best three contributions will win the Bola Meals worth $82.50 each! Eight others will get a regular pizza with a limited edition Popobe Bear.

We only have 2 conditions for this giveaway. Every contribution must -

1: Let us know which of the 3 Popobe Bears - either Eva, Pedro, or Juan - that you would like to have.

2: Include your details at the end of your post, so we can contact you immediately when you win.

We will need your-



IC Number:

Email Address:

Twitter handle/Facebook Profile:


All our winners will be given an e-voucher, with which to purchase their meal. 

The contest will end on Jul 11, 12pm. Entries after the deadline will not be entertained.

Here are some other cool examples of what you can do for this contest.

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World Cup: Hulk Hogan catches football, I mean soccer, fever with Team USA


Good luck, and may the best men win!



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