From:Shea John Driscoll,  Digital Sub-Editor, ST, posted on 6 July at 3:29 PM
6 July at 3:29 PM

2014 World Cup Funnies: Argentina manager Alejandro Sabella almost falls after missed chance

Thank the heavens Argentina beat Belgium 1-0 early on Sunday in the 2014 World Cup quarter-final, because there's no telling how Argentina manager Alejandro Sabella would have reacted if there were a penalty shootout.

He reacted to a miss by striker Gonzalo Higuain by almost falling straight backwards, stumbling as he tried to regain his balance.

And just like every other mildly amusing moment at this World Cup, the Internet went into overdrive cranking out slightly more amusing takes.

The Michael Jackson one is pretty good, but I think the original is fantastic on the strength of his getting-an-exorcism facial expression.

The real punchline, however, is that this was the most interesting moment of another terrible quarter-final. Come on guys, you can surely do better.


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