From:Shea John Driscoll,  Digital Sub-Editor, ST, posted on 7 July at 2:03 PM
7 July at 2:03 PM

'It's an iPhone case': Children these days have no idea what a Game Boy is

If you have any nostalgia for Nintendo's great big brick of a portable machine, the Game Boy, congratulations, you're a relic just like me.

This year may be the venerable system's 25th anniversary, but judging from the video above, children these days barely have any idea what the Game Boy even is.

One says it's an iPhone case. Another asks where the apps are. Most don't know how to insert a cartridge. One kid is appalled that you have to press buttons and it doesn't "detect skin".

To be fair, some of these kids were born after things like Nintendo's DS handheld and Sony's PlayStation Portable were released, so expecting them to recognise something that came out in 1989 is quite a stretch.

But check out the guy right at the end with his passionate rant about how modern smartphone gaming owes a great deal to the Game Boy. There's hope yet.

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