From:Lee Min Kok, Digital Sub-editor, ST, posted on 14 July at 5:32 PM
14 July at 5:32 PM

2014 World Cup Funnies: Russian prankster invades pitch during Germany-Argentina final

If you were wondering why the camera panned away from the football action midway through the Germany vs Argentina World Cup final early Monday morning, wonder no more. 

With an estimated one billion pairs of eyes glued to TV screens across the globe, the presence of the tournament's first streaker and pitch invader at the Maracana Stadium was deemed an offensive presence. 

Lucky for us, basketball star LeBron James was present in the stands and saw the funny side of things, obliging the social media sphere with an amused tweet and an Instagram video of the streak. 

Upper body bared with the words "Natural Born Prankster" scrawled across his chest and belly, the fair-skinned offender raced across the pitch with stewards in hot pursuit. He eventually went up to Benedikt Howedes and attempted to plant a kiss on the German defender's cheek. 

As it turns out, the unknown man was in fact Russian-American comedian and YouTube star Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. The 22-year-old - known for his public pranks - has more than 6.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. 

Zdorovetskiy had appeared to hint in advance, at the attempted streak on his Twitter account. 

Too bad his stab at fame - or infamy - was missed by the world. He still managed to get the last word in though, expressing regret that he "messed up". 


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